Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Few More Graduation Pix

Chase and his best friend, Kellen Hubbard.
Just a few of his friends... and I do mean a few! Chase, why so serious?!
Giving congrats to more friends...

Graduations Galore

Sorry about the picture quality, but the cute little graduate in this picture is my sweet little Ethan! He graduated from preschool just a couple of weeks ago and what an awesome little ceremony! The kids recited their ABC's in English and in Sign Language. They counted to 20 in English and then in Spanish. They recited nursery rhymns and Ethan knew ALL (and I do mean all) of them, even when it wasn't his turn. The pledge of allegiance was said, songs were sung, memory picture binders (their form of diplomas) were given. Then, the momentous occasion was topped off with a toss in the air of their graduation caps ~ we're so proud!

Our other graduation a few weeks ago is one that I am having a hard time actually admitting to! What the heck? Chase graduated from (clear my throat) 8th grade! Ahhhhh! Seriously, no kidding, high school here we come! It was funny, just before the end of the school year, Jerel and I received some correspondence in the mail from Gilbert High. Having both graduated from there, we were trying to think what the nature of the correspondence could be, presumably for us of course, we were shocked to find that the contents were directed toward Chase, not us! Yikes! Go Tigers!

Seriously, though, I have to brag just a tad... Chase is an excellent student and takes his education very seriously, which we are extremely grateful for! Chase completed his entire 8th grade year with straight A's and nearly a 4.3 GPA - excellent work Chase! We love you!

Aly's 9th Birthday

We have a lot of nicknames for Aly - Wish (the most commonly used), Wishy, Fish Tank (Stacy's, what in the world?!), Vishka, Wishy Woo Woo - You get the drift. Regardless of the name or names, Aly has ALWAYS been an absolute delight! So it is painstaking for me to say that she just turned 9 on May 1st! Where does the time go? This is just a little image of a few of the friends that joined us that night!

The theme was a backyard movie night. It was complete with a popcorn machine, movie theatre candy, pizza, shaved ice (with a trillion flavors to choose from) and a projection movie showing of Alvin and the Chipmunks! The night would not have been complete without all of our friends and family, though! Thanks for coming!

What a cute crew! More friends and family showed up a little later too!


T-ball Season - Ethan

Ethan officially ended his first season of T-ball and he rocked! Finally, we have found a sport that this little guy could "gel" with! Soccer - didn't like all the running and personal contact. Basketball - would rather chase the other kids around than grasp the concept of shooting and rebounding. But baseball (T-ball) was a whole other story! He got to play with Noah (Tobi's little guy), who is one of his best buds EVER, and they were clearly the team sluggers! Not to mention that they had some of the best throwing arms in the whole T-ball league! Go Ethan and Noah!

Shameful Apology

I am officially the worst blogger on the planet! Stacy is forever scolding me for not updating! Sorry Stacy, I am a shame to the blogging world! I will try and do better. If nothing else, can you please remind me from time to time?!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


For Easter, we decided to take the whole family to the temple to see the Easter Pageant. A boat load of us went... Mamo, Papa, Jerel, Steph, Chase, Aly, Ethan, Jacob, Stacy, Cyndi, Tobi, Sadie, Noah, Brigitte, Brett... hope I'm not missing anyone...

On our way to the pageant we drove by a retirement home near the temple. Chase said, "Is that the retirement home? Yes, yes, it is. Those aren't my favorite places... When I'm like 80, mom, and have to be in there, do me a favor, don't come visit - so depressing..." After telling him that his comments weren't exactly nice, I also said, "When you are 80... IF, I am around, I will be like 100 years old, I'm not sure that I will be getting around very well." Chase then proceeds... "Good point. OK, Aly, don't come and visit me OK..." To which Aly disgustingly responded, "Chase, when you are 80 something and in one of those places, I'm going to be ummm.... in my late 70's... heck, I won't have to visit, I'll be in there with you!" I cracked up!


OK, OK, OK, Stacy! I understand that the blog is boring w/o pictures! It only seems appropriate that some of the 1st pictures that I post are of my little Ethan! He is our little character...